Accurate transcriptions are not a luxury for professionals in health, legal and business - it is an absolute necessity. As a professional, you expect your dictation to be transcribed exactly, if not better, than your original recording. You also expect it to be delivered to you on-time and within budget. There is no acceptable alternative.

Accuracy IS important, however, in any business whether it is for-profit or non-profit SpectraScribe can assure you that your transcription service meets the agreed service level based on accuracy, time or cost. That is why we allocate dedicate resources with trained backups for your transcription service.

We realize that you shouldn’t have to spend time or resources to assure the transcript you’ve paid for is flawless. Contact SpectraScribe and check out why we have so many satisfied customers who enjoy our automated, cost effective and timely transcription service.


  • Over 10 years of medical, legal and business transcriptions
  •  Fast turn-around service
  •  Accurate, fully proofed transcriptions that meet and exceed expectations set by your industry or profession
  •  Economic & cost effective service that you only pay for what you use
  •  State-of-the-art work flow technology that is continually being improved to suit our ever expanding international clientele
  •  A fully scalable and automated process that can match your business by increasing or decreasing transcription volumes.
  •  Reliable, simple and hassle free so that you can get on with your job
  •  Guaranteed compliance with most if not all transcription regulations
  •  Free service trial that can be tailored to suit your business to illustrate our easy to use, reliable fast turn-around service.

the flow of Transcription

Transcription Services

Our web-based Transcription Management system is designed to automate and streamline the entire workflow of voice and transcript files. Our process is a self-explanatory and straight forward web interface saving your precious time on a daily basis. It takes care of the administrative aspects of the transcription and maintains all records of transcript and voice files. Contact us today at for a Free Trial of our transcription service.

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The best testimonial to our quality and accuracy is our longevity. We have developed a loyal following after ten plus years in the transcription business. We meet all accuracy compliance requirements. In more than a decade we have

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Quality Control

Our overall transcription goal is to accurately and efficiently transform the spoken voice into an accurate, grammatically correct, appropriately organized, medical legal document. We ensure continuous quality improvement to meet the standards and accuracy of healthcare documentation. Exceeding your expectations is

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