Why Transcription Is Needed in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is increasingly getting complex and loaded with formalities. However, insurance companies are growingly using insurance transcription services to ease the burden of the red tape of long term claims, recoveries and other related matters.

Insurance transcription not only helps insurance companies get countless recorded conversations transcribed into a written form for future references, but also allow them to speed up the process of claims investigations and ensure on-time settlements of insurance cases.

How Medical Transcription Services Can Facilitate the Use of EMR

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a digital form of paper chart in a clinician’s office. The system allows the management of medical records, collecting information such as personal details and family history, diagnosis, comments by the doctor, consultations, treatment plans, allergies, immunization dates, radiology images, and lab test results.

Being equipped with an EMR system allows a clinician to track data over time, monitor the health of a patient on certain parameters, such as blood pressure, insulin levels, etc., identify preventive screenings for the patient, and improve the overall quality of healthcare. By providing open and convenient access to evidence based tools, the system allows health care providers to make timely decisions about a patient’s care.