5 Reasons Your Company Should Be Investing In Creating eBooks


With more than just text and images, animated graphics, links in every relevant direction of the internet, and even videos, eBooks are one of the most advantageous aspects of the internet. Easy access and reduced need for physical storage has prompted more industries to move towards e-books for both gaining and giving out information.

Based on current statistics, eBook sales are forecasted to contribute to approximately a quarter of global book sales by 2018. Consumer books alone are expected to generate around 20 billion USD in revenue by the end of 2018.

The Age Of User-Friendly Information

In short, not only is the eBook industry here to stay, but here to grow in the markets across the globe.

Consider investing in e-books for your company’s content. There are a number of distinguishable advantages of eBooks over traditional books:

  •  Reading options are incredibly flexible. From font sizes, to color changes, you and your readers can customize the text to their comfort.
  •  Nighttime reading options reduce eyestrain, and make nighttime ready both possible and easy.
  •  EBooks are responsive. Projected presentations on meeting boards, conventional office computers, handy tablets and cell phones—eBooks can be displayed well on a variety of communication mediums.
  •  Graphics have a great part to play in supporting text and making it more readable. EBooks pave the way for innovative images, included slideshows, animated graphics, as well as active hyperlinks sourcing the images to original locations.
  •  Audio files can be incorporated in eBooks, both in their literal form and as transcriptions.
  •  EBooks are a great way to collect and store audio transcriptions; take legal transcription for example. Lawyers and small law-firms with limited management and just as high a regard for security and privacy can collect transcriptions of meetings in convenient EBooks, accessible through password protected software when needed.

A plethora of information, all portable, is how you define eBooks. Considering that eBooks can contain numerous hyperlinks, you essentially carry around a sanctum of knowledge in your hands, with numerous paths towards other knowledge.


Companies who have thus far adapted to eBooks to convey information to their consumers and clients find that it cuts down need for physical storage space, but also limits printing expenses. A simple hard drive has enough capacity to store hundreds of eBooks, which would otherwise require shelves and shelves of storage space in their usual tangible form.

At Spectra Scribe, we help businesses reduce storage and cost through our transcription services, the resulting outcomes of given audio being converted into convenient eBooks. We also specialize in focus group and other market research transcription services, aiding companies with efficient and practical means of accessing data.

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