5 Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From Transcription Services

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Accessible and convenient, audio/video tools are gradually becoming highly popular in various industries. Visual and auditory marketing features are an integral part of every productive business. Fine-tuning the content stored in these tools are transcription services; the behind-the-scenes efforts which extract the data you need for business growth.

Unfortunately, most small businesses and start-ups have yet to be made aware of the accuracy and quality in content delivered by transcription services. Transcriptions are not just for larger organizations. In order improve the content you deliver to your customers, consider adding transcription along with audio and video.

Here are five ways adding transcriptions to your audio and video formats can benefit your business:

1. Incorporates Content Variety

Some viewers prefer imagery in their content; others are partial to simple written text. While video and audio features do make your content more interested and engaging, there is power in the written word—or in this case, the transcribed and typed word.

Adding transcriptions in your data will give your visitors the opportunity to absorb knowledge more efficiently, especially those who do not have the time to watch an entire video or listen to the entire audio.

2. Allows Adding Links

One of the amazing parts about written content is that you can add several internal and external links without messing up the text. It makes your content more valuable; people have the options to gain further information about a certain subject matter.

Your users can access a plethora of information anywhere on the internet. Plus, it helps you raise your content’s ranking on search engines.

3. Assists The Hearing Impaired

Not everyone who views your content may have the ability to listen to the audio in it. Care about people who are unable to access and use audio by adding media transcriptions to your content.

4. Provides Follow-Up References

Say you have a user who listened to your entire podcast. At the end, they need to go back and take pointers from certain parts of the video, but they don’t remember the navigation points.

If you add transcriptions along with your video, all they have to do is scroll down to the right text. They can also conveniently use the Find feature to access the reference provided in the transcription.

Simplicity—it’s the key to minimizing your user’s work and improving your dependability.

5. Supports Building Archives

You can construct a library of audio/video file plus transcriptions, and link these transcriptions to one another to gain access to past content. If the need arises to use the transcriptions for a specific purpose, such as creating a new eBook, you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal through your interlinked library pieces.

Transcripts hold a treasure of advantages, for your business and its customers. Spectra Scribe offers various types of professional transcription services, including medical and legal transcription services.

Reach out to us today to avail high-quality transcription services.

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