Accuracy of insurance transcription can help mitigate risk


Insurance transcription documents every detail associated with a particular case.

For instance, in case of an accident, statements of plaintiffs, witnesses and defendants are all taken. These documents are transcribed together to later serve as evidence. This information helps in case a lawsuit is filed.

Claims are easily resolved if proper documentation is available. It is important that the recorded information is carefully transcribed to a printable format. Missing out details or mistakenly modifying statements can result in a lawsuit.

Effective transcription depends on the quality of recording. It is the responsibility of the litigation expert to ensure the right questions are asked from all parties involved. Moreover, they must use quality equipment to record a legible account.

How accuracy of transcription is ensured?

Apart from the quality of recorded statements, the experience of insurance transcription services can affect the accuracy. If their employees aren’t properly trained, there will be a greater chance of error.

There are two ways in which the statements can be transcribed. It can be done through direct verbatim or intelligent verbatim translation. The first includes transcription of each word, even filler words and expressions. ‘Um’, ‘uhm’, ‘like’, ‘you know’ and ‘uh’ are all transcribed with pauses.

The second type of transcription ignores these fillers, making out the sentence offering an intelligent meaning.

For insurance transcription, recorded statements must never leave out the fillers. The transcription should be word to word, offering an accurate version that fully matches with the recorded statements.


Intelligent verbatim transcription can be used for dictation delivered on the scene. For instance, ligation experts record the accident scene dictating their observations. This can be transcribed removing the filler words. Transcribers can only use this after express consent from you.

Experience of a transcription company with insurance services is essential to ensure accuracy. An experienced company like ours understands the intricacies involved in the process.

The right transcription can not only help resolve claims but also mitigate the risk of lawsuits. As an insurance company, you want to stay clear of such lawsuits as it can negatively influence your reputation and affect your business.

Our insurance transcription company ensures that only experts handle your documents. We provide comprehensive services including transcription of IME statements, investigations, audio and video recordings, police and fire records, interviews and other reports.

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