Design a professional e-book with SpectraScribe!

The publishing industry has gone digital. Books, magazines and newspapers are all available to read with a single click. Why wait for a publisher to accept your manuscript or issue when you can publish on your own!

Your audience has e-readers, tablets and mobile phones through which they can access your e-book. Don’t make them wait; design an attractive cover, edit content and convert it into a PDF format today!

All it takes is three steps to refine the look of your e-book and make them even more attractive. Boost sales through optimizations using the right marketing strategies.

Design E-book cover

An eye-catching cover can do what nothing else can. An outstanding design will help you boost sales by making it stand apart from others on the online shelves.

The cover remains one of the most important features, even if you’re designing a magazine, an online newspaper or another manuscript.

Find thousands of high definition images for your book’s cover. You’re sure to find a number of items that perfectly go with your genre.

Choose one or more images that truly represent your masterpiece to design the cover. Use stock images, illustrations and other artworks to start designing today!

Edit and optimize images

Make your e-book more attractive with high resolution images. Add illustrations and HD photos to supplement your content. Books with better images have been shown to sell more.

If you’re about to release the recent issue of your monthly/quarterly/yearly magazine, these images can boost your readership further. You’ve put in so much time and efforts; give it the attention your e-book deserves.

With the right images, your e-book will quickly achieve its full potential!

Convert your document

Once you’re done designing, convert the e-book in an easy-to-read format. A .pdf file will work with almost every screen size. It will ensure your reader can access it via Kindle as easily as they can through their personal laptops.

Using our document conversion services, you can also choose other file formats such as ePub, Mobi, KF8 and others.

We promise efficient services with effective results. We operate and maintain a large library of images for your use.

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