Many believe that Electronic Medical Records (EMR) will revolutionize the way medical records are first recorded, kept and retrieved. Thus far, usage in the United States has been slowly adopted. As of 2008, only 20% of physicians in the USA reported using a system that was minimally functional. However, legislation can accelerate the adoption of such systems.

The EMR system provides doctors, patient care teams, nurses, and office staff with electronic access to patient information and includes decision support, billing and office administration tools. The EMR system records patient information in an electronic format.

Transcription is still consistent with the use of EMR. Records can be entered into EMR through the use of point and click templates or through transcribed notes. There are advantages and disadvantages for both methods.  However, the use of transcribed notes for EMR compliance will be a major method of data input for long into the future.

SpectraScribe transcribers will reinforce the use of EMR by our clients.

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