The best testimonial to our quality and accuracy is our longevity. We have developed a loyal following after ten plus years in the transcription business. We meet all accuracy compliance requirements. In more than a decade we have established a systematic approach to accuracy and quality:

  • We maintain a very high standard of recruitment and training
  • Our transcriptionists go through more than two years of intensive training and close on-the-job supervisory training
  • Our editors have more than five years’ experience as transcriptionists
  • We have medical professionals to oversee complex work
  • Our software accurately checks that every file you send is fully transmitted
  • Every transmitted file is also manually checked
  • We maintain a well-stocked and up-to-date library of reference material
  • We employ a Quality Assurance team to check each document produced
  • That team maintains data on the needs and instructions of each client
  • Transcriptionists are provided regular feedback
  • We check each document through three levels of quality inspection
  • Each client has his or her own team of transcriptionists and quality inspectors
  • We constantly retrain our staff
  • After ten years, our Quality Management System is mature and robust
  • Our work environment encourages attention to both client satisfaction and job satisfaction

As noted, we take accuracy and quality very, very seriously.


We are very cost-effective. When you outsource your transcription to SpectrScribe, you save in many ways:

  • Lower overhead
  • Reduce payroll
  • Reduced benefit expenses
  • Lower capital costs

We provide you with economies of scale that you cannot duplicate.

Turnaround Time

While we will never trade expediency for quality, we can continuously provide excellent turnaround time because our service is scalable. We can increase staff applied to a project immediately, and our Transcription Management System effectively facilitates communication between our clients and ourselves.

Transcription Management System

Our Transcription Management System helps keep us both ahead of the game. It is efficient and effective and the result of years of experience and experimentation in how best to serve our clients.

It is simple:

  • You transfer voice files to our system quickly and easily
  • We update you on the workflow process through email notifications
  • All elements of the job are recorded, checked and double-checked, saving time and effort to do the same tasks manually
  • You can opt to keep voice file and transcriptions on our server to act as a secure backup to your data

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You can’t go wrong selecting SpectraScribe.

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