Our Services

Your Expectations

Our goal in serving your transcription needs is to meet or exceed your expectations on a regular and automatic basis. To do so, we have acquired and developed well-defined and skilled approaches and systems to do so.

Our Transcriptionists

Besting your expectations all starts with the people doing the bulk of the work daily — our transcriptionists.

Workflow Process

Our workflow is simple and easy for you to use. You dictate your document into a digital recorder. You upload that file to your computer. You transfer those files to SpectraScribe. We transcribe your files and notify you of every step in the process. We proof, edit and double check your document. We transmit your document back to you and keep a copy as backup if you request.

Quality Control

Exceeding your expectations is also a result of our careful, thoughtful and established quality control systems.

Electronic Medical Records

As the use of EMR continue to get more popular in North America, SpectraScribe transcribers have adopted different ways of working with our clients using EMR systems.

Service Areas

We provide transcription service throughout Canada and North America including the metropolitan areas of:

  1. Toronto
  2. Montreal
  3. Vancouver
  4. Ottawa
  5. Calgary
  6. Winnipeg
  7. Edmonton
  8. Halifax
  9. Hamilton
  10. London
  11. Kitchener
  12. St. Catherines

We can serve any area within North America / Europe / Asia that has access to the Internet.