Outsourcing Transcription-Recording Tips For A Better Audio

Many professions require information transcribed, be it  legal, medical  or any other. For a long time, businesses and individuals frantically jotted down this information for reference later.

Today, technology has taken over. Most companies now employ audio recording tools, including microphones and apps. This has made it easier to record and transcribe the information.

If you regularly use transcription services, you must have noticed that most companies offer an up to 98% accuracy guarantee. The quality of audio recording is the one factor that majorly determines accuracy.

Before you go on to record the next conversation, here are a few tips:

  • Reduce the background noise for better clarity. Make sure the room or space is free of noise generated by machines, traffic or people chatting. A soundproof environment is a good idea, but if not possible, carpeted, heavy curtains or wall panels can help keep the noise out.
  • Ensure several people aren’t speaking at the same time; the transcription quality will suffer. Before you begin recording, ensure only one person speaks at a time. This will help reduce chances of voice overlaps.


  • Use quality recording devices and position them correctly.. Opt for a trusted brand to ensure that even the faintest sound is recorded. Hold it in the direction of the speaker at the right distance for optimal clarity and sound.
  • Go for shorter audio lengths. Record in parts instead of saving a huge audio file. It makes transcription easier and quicker. It will also help you upload and forward these files in less time.
  • Perform a recording trial to see if voice is clear and free of background noise. You don’t want to end up with a bad audio file which is difficult to transcribe. Check for noises and other distractions when listening to a trial recording. If all is good, proceed!
  • Ask your transcription service if the recorded files are feasible for transcription. If not, they may be able to offer references. See if they can recommend good recording tools or some tips to improve the recording.

You can find several audio recording systems that are optimized for meetings, conferences, one-on-one chats and mobile recording. Portable recorders offer ease in many of these settings. When in doubt, go with a reputed brand such as Sony’s digital voice recorders.

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