At SpectraScribe we take security of your information very seriously. We have and are investing considerable time and resources is ensuring that our security measures meet or exceed all regulatory requirements. Our website security protocol certification (https) ensures safe login to our web based Transcription Management System.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

This act safeguards the confidentiality of patient information. Every healthcare system must have effective programs and systems in place to meet the requirements of these important and complex regulations.

How We Secure Your Information

We take considerable measures to secure your information and we constantly review our security systems to seek even better and more secure processes.

At present:

  • We secure the transmission of your information over the Internet with the highest levels of security protocols available. We meet or exceed all HIPAA standards.
  • All media containing personal information is secured
  • No hard copy transcripts are archived
  • Personal health information is not retained at any individual workstation. Data is maintained in secure, centralized locations.
  • We maintain regular backups of information in secured servers and locations
  • Our workstations use the latest and highest levels of virus protection
  • Our network is protected by the latest and most secure firewall available
  • We utilize complete redundancy planning
  • Our transcriptionists, editors, and management are bound by non-disclosure agreements
  • All personnel are trained and schooled in HIPAA regulations
  • Patient records are on a need-to-know basis


The bottom line for you is that our security measures are as worry-free, well-defined and well-maintained as possible. There is no security risk in using our services.

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