Is Transcription a Need or a Necessity?

Creating and maintaining brand experiences that are accessible to a wide range of audiences has become imperative for modern businesses.

When it comes to creating brand experiences, websites are the key elements being used to communicate with customers and create brand images. As an integral source of information, websites are providing for the needs of virtually every sector, particularly education, government, and healthcare industry. For this reason, the accessibility and interactivity of websites is crucial to provide access and equal opportunities to people with varied needs, especially those with disabilities.

Apart from helping people with special needs, transcription also benefits people without disabilities, such as seniors, people with low literacy, and those with limited skills in a particular language.

If you have not yet transcribed your website content, have a look at why it is no more a choice, but a necessity for every business.

How it Benefits Users

Transcription provides users with written content as an alternative to audio recordings and videos. While it is especially beneficial for people with visual and hearing impairment, it may also allow people surfing the web using text-based browsers to get convenient access to your content.

Besides this, despite the availability of high speed internet, many internet users are still connecting using slower connection. Slow video or audio loading can seriously affect their experience. Providing alternative, text-based content can be a good way to give them a quick access to information.

There is also a growing market for voice web and web portal system providing text-to-speech web access. As access to these websites particularly depends on the availability of text alternative to visual content, transcription may allow your content to be indexed and fully searchable, thus enabling users to get convenient access to the information they are seeking.

How it Benefits Business

World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 requires every company with more than 50 employees to provide people with accessible communication supports to help everyone use similar information. This may not just help businesses become more compliant, but also enable them to become more relevant to their clients.

Furthermore, transcription may also help you achieve maximum online visibility to access a wider range of audiences. This can only be successful when your audio-visual content contains keyword-specific content. The keyword-rich content can optimize your presence and make you more accessible over the internet.

Transcription is indispensable for modern businesses. If you have not yet transcribed your audio and visual content, don’t wait any longer. As a professional transcription company in Canada, we offer expert general transcription, business transcription, and medical transcription services to help you convert your verbal speeches in written format without any hassle. Contact us to get more details or email us at

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